"Getter is a superb, genre-bending guitarist equally at home in the jazz-rock, progressive and singer-songwriter realms" Anil Prasad, Innerviews

"An impeccable guitarist and a fine singer" Rebel Noise

"electrifying brilliant blazing Jane Getter Premonition" Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“It’s the completely unexpected multi-layered vocal harmonies—leading, as they do, into a mellotron vocal-drenched section that sets up a fiery, high bar-raising, whammy bar-driven guitar solo—that suggest something very different is taking place with ON” – John Kelman, All About Jazz

“From extreme prog rock moments to jazz fusion riffage and all the way to beautiful melodic vocal passages — this is no ordinary concoction” – Music Players

“If you want to hear some mind-bending instrumentals and a monolithic amount of skill, be sure to pick up Jane Getter Premonition’s new album ‘ON’ from Snapper Music. The sheer talent here will not leave you unimpressed” – The Prog Mind

Jane Getter has been featured in many press publications since the start of her career. Below you’ll find a few featured examples.









Guitarist Jane Getter’s debut album features an energetic fusion of jazz and rock. Getter, who was a member of television’s Saturday Night Live band in 1995-1996, blazes with all the power an electric guitar can muster. Her husband Adam Holzman, provides the keyboard accompaniment, while their 3-year-old son Russell provides miniature intermission breaks in several pl aces at the drums, on harmonica, and as a doo-wop “vocalist”. Getter’s band ranges in size from three to six and pumps up the volume enough to fill a stadium.

Getter wrote most of the tracks for the session. “Storytime,” “Little Hands” and “Peek-A-Boo” reveal the never-ending mischief and constant stream of energy associated with raising a child. The heavy back beat, wall-shaking electric bass, and head-bobbing solo instruments provide a parent’s momentary escape from the daily routine. “Headphone Hair” employs a quirky zigzag rhythm at a danceable tempo, as Getter raises the rooftop with her powerful guitar. The tempo slows down some for “Cat Walk” as keyboard and guitar provide prancing and dancing that you’d associate with the song’s title.

Both husband and wife pump up fiery solo encounters on their respective instruments: the session is alive and contains elements that are noticeably imported from jazz, rock and contemporary blues.

— Jim Samterim, L.A. Jazz Scene, 1/99

“Jane Getter is a very accomplished and experienced player, as evidenced by her versatility on the CD “Jane”. Her music spans the pantheon of electric guitar, from the smooth Bensonish tones of Storytime to the heavy metal widdling of Deep People.

While much of this CD will not be to the tastes of your mainstream jazz guitar enthusiast, there is no denying that she does what she does extremely well and with commitment and sincerity.

For my own taste Storytime is the standout track. I hope that she eventually makes an entire album of this kind of groove, she really excels at it”

— Andy MacKenzie, Just Jazz Guitar, 2/99

“Although her highest-profile gig was with the “Saturday Night Live” band in its 1995-96 season, guitarist Jane Getter has played alongside a diverse array of artists like Michael Urbaniak, Joe Lovano, and organist Jack McDuff. Jane (Lipstick), her first effort as a leader, showcases Getter’s energetic playing and well-rounded pop/fusion compositions alongside the production and keyboard skills of Adam Holzman”

— Steve Grabow, Billboard, 11/14/98

The fuse of soul, funk, feeling and sincerity – that would be the description of Jane the debut album from Jane Getter on Lipstick Records, distributed by Allegro Corporation. Jane is a musical blend of authentic technique, formal training, raw and energetic drum patterns and intense passion arranged to simple perfection.

Jane systematically breaks down the small-minded stereotypes of women in contemporary instrumental music. Ask any true music lover about what Getter is capable of delivering and you’ll absolutley receive a response of overwhelming accollades.

Jane is bold, with refreshing selections like the very well done rendition of the Gap Band’s Outstanding, which was produced by Jerry Barnes, the hard-hitting Peek-A Boo,is a hold-nothing-back track also produced by Barnes and is Getter’s take on George Benson’s signature scat-and-play technique. As for Riza, Getter delivers a scorpion-like sting affecting the senses with a subtle approach leading to an awesome high energy crescendo. If you have things to do, if you have somewhere to go — put Jane in your CD player and get it done or get there fast!

Jane absolutely delivers.

— Niecy-D, Central Florida Advocate, 10/98